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                 Law Office Announcement - COVID-19                 
Pursuant to Governor Edwards’ order on Sunday, March 22, 2020, our office is taking the following immediate steps to protect our clients during the Coronavirus crisis:
  1. Our office remains open for business from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday, and 8:30 am - Noon on Fridays.
  2. As a result of Governor Edwards’ order, we will refrain from meeting with clients in person during normal business hours.  There may be exceptions that need to be made based upon the particular facts and circumstances of each situation, but our goal is to avoid placing our clients at any unnecessary risk by limiting live, in person contact as reasonably required. 
  3. We are ready and available to meet and consult with our clients and attorneys in need of our assistance by telephone and email during normal business hours.  
  4. Anyone in need of assistance is encouraged to contact us by phone at (337) 289-1745, or by email at Steve@Jankower.com.  We will be checking our email and phone messages regularly and will respond to all calls and emails promptly in order to provide the best service possible to our clients throughout this unusual and trying time.
  5. In the event you or your loved ones require special accommodations to permit business to be transacted in person, please contact us so we can discuss the situation and make appropriate plans based on the circumstances. Please refrain from simply dropping in to our office unannounced as the front door will be locked.

Stay healthy and be safe.


Planning for the care of an elderly or disabled loved one can be extremely challenging.  It is often very difficult and frustrating for people to find good, sensible, and valuable information on the choices and options available.  For many people, trying to navigate these issues without the best information available is like walking blindfolded through a minefield, and mistakes can be very costly and time-consuming to correct.

Steve Jankower has spent many years dealing with the complex legal issues faced by families with elderly, disabled, and special needs members.  He has helped hundreds of families with sensible and effective planning techniques designed to make sure that their loved ones are protected now and in the future and their estates are protected from the devastating costs of long term care.

As the father of a daughter with special needs, Steve personally understands the challenges these individuals and their families face every day.  His goal for his clients is the same as the one for his daughter - to create a "safety net" designed to protect her now and in the future from huge expenses associated with making sure she has the proper care and supervision she will always need and require. 

Steve has the experience and confidence to help families effectively deal with these difficult legal problems.  Call us to schedule an appointment and we will analyze your total situation and provide you with sensible recommendations for the care and needs of your loved ones.



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