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The Word That Best Describes the Complexities of Medicaid Planning
Current Newsletter - February 2019

For those of you who find it difficult to decipher and understand the complexities of Medicaid and Social Security rules, suffice it to say that you are not alone.  Our courts have also encountered similar problems in interpreting these rules, and have described the complexities of Medicaid and Social Security statutes, rules, and policies in interesting and colorful ways:
“The Social Security Act is among the most intricate ever drafted by Congress. Its
Byzantine construction, as Judge Friendly has observed, makes the Act "almost
unintelligible to the uninitiated." Friedman v. Berger, 547 F.2d 724, 727, n. 7 (CA2 1976),
cert. denied, 430 U.S. 984 (1977). 
Schweiker v. Gray Panthers(1981) United States Supreme Court (1981)
"…a virtually impenetrable thicket of legalese and gobbledygook…"
Lamore v. Ives, 977 F.2d 713 (5th Cir. 1992)
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